The New World of Minimalism

On my way to work, I was listening to one of Alex Elle’s podcast episodes from ‘hey, girl.’ She has a couple of episodes about minimalism, but the episode (Episode 6) where she interviewed Roe of BrownKids really hit home for me. They spoke on topics about financial freedom and transitioning into a minimalism lifestyle.

I thought, “This is perfect! I’m trying to live a financially free and minimalistic lifestyle too!”

For now, I’m going to focus this post on minimalism. I’ll speak on the financial freedom part during the second quarter of 2018. 🤗

I remember when my parents decided to sell our family house. I was still in college at the time, but knew that I had some items that I’ve cherished while growing up left at the house. I was concerned about where all of the VHS tapes were going, my collection of beanie babies, family photos and clothes that I left behind. Luckily for me, my mom was nowhere near close to being a hoarder. In fact, to this day, I feel like she thrives off of throwing/giving things away. One summer, my mom gave me the opportunity to choose anything that I wanted to take back to college with me before she touched them. In the moment of so much pressure, I realized that some items weren’t as important as I thought they were. I left a lot of items behind. But that didn’t stop me from collecting new items in my early 20s. (Wow! I sound old!)

There were years of college and “adulting” memories to collect!

I am one to collect sentimental items. I may not have all of them out on display, but believe me, they are/were in secure places. All of the happy birthday/get well soon/thank you cards, the cap and gown from all graduations, the high school prom dress, etc. were all kept throughout the years. I even kept all of my college materials that I haven’t touched since the classes took place.


I say all of this to transition into my new journey into minimalism. 😊

“You just gotta let it go!”

One of the many things I was telling myself mentally while clearing out my bathroom, closets and bedroom. “You may find good use with it this year.”, “But have you used it in the last year?”, “You may pick-up accounting at some point in your life! Keep the book!”

Don’t worry…I gave the accounting book to Goodwill. In fact, most of the items that I second guessed myself on, I ended up just giving or throwing it away. If I didn’t, I would be back to where I started. If I need it in the future, I will be granted access to it. That’s how I see it.

Now, there was one item that I second guessed myself on, but couldn’t get myself to give it up. I never use it, but it’s sentimental to me because it belonged to my sister and is the only piece of clothing that I kept of hers. Maybe one day I’ll be able to let it go, but until that day, it’s chilling in my closet.

One of the initial steps of transitioning into a minimalist lifestyle, decluttering, is 75% done for me. I still have a couch in my room that I never sit on, but takes up a good amount of space. As of now, I feel mentally lighter. Once my couch is gone, I’m sure I will feel more of what minimalist Chisara mentioned in her interview with the Afro Minimalist.

Minimalism is a guiding principle for me. It allows me to focus my attention on what matters and minimize the clutter in my mental and physical spaces. How does that look like in my life? Every space I inhabit is light on things (only statement pieces, please) and brings me joy. It also means that I strive to keep things simple. Society, whether via social media, peer groups, school, work, whatever it may be, bombards us with messages, ideas and things to keep us searching, acquiring and striving for the next thing, that thing that will make you better, smarter, prettier, richer, more lovable, whatever it may be, to the point where life gets complicated. Minimize the noise and you find that you already know what you want. Everything else, like Steve Job’s said, is secondary.”




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